Conservatories: dreams take shape

L’Officina dei Giardini designs, produces and constructs prestigious turnkey conservatories, orangeries, gazebos, pavilions, pool houses, glass roofs for gyms, climate-controlled greenhouses, canopies, glass entrance cubicles, kiosks, EC certified doors and windows, trellis, furniture and accessories for clients in Italy and around the world. Each construction is a combination of beautiful past achievements and time-honoured artisanal know-how. After a careful study of 18th and 19th century conservatories, new technologically advanced designs are drawn up that blend perfectly with existing architectural and environmental context while satisfying the functional needs of the end-user. There are no limits to the size of projects and constructions l’Officina dei Giardini can tackle. But whatever their size, attention to detail and the desire to create a personal and professional relationship with the customer are our primary concern. Our ‘OdG Evolution’ thermal break, iron profiles combine high thermal performance with the aesthetics of the original conservatory profiles from the 19th century.

A precious conservatory in any part of the world


L’Officina dei Giardini places no creative or size limits on its architectural designs, but the end result will always be comfortable place all year round. Our specialist knowledge of engineering, static design, lighting and temperature control, as well as a careful analysis of climates mean we can build wonderful conservatories anywhere in the world. Our conservatories can be produced in a multitude of shapes: angular, squared, rectangular or polygonal; they can be placed in gardens, in courtyards or on terraces; their roofs can be simple, square, transparent, hot or ventilated with skylights, decorated with gables, curved, covered with a double interlocking systems (a technique used in the restoration of monuments), and made of zinc, copper or other metals. A colour for the conservatory can be chosen using the internationally recognised RAL colour chart, by choosing one of the wonderful colours developed by l’Officina dei Giardini over the years or by simply letting the house ‘determine’ the colour of the project. Windows can be transparent, decorated, frosted, stained glass or leadlight. It is a pleasure to know that each l’Officina dei Giardini conservatory is unique. Typical ‘Made in Italy’ craftsmanship takes care of all the finest details and guarantees the best performance over time.

The pleasure of open-air comfort; pavilions, gazebos, shade systems


Our gazebos, pavilions, the pavilion musique and pergolas are made using thin iron structures, designed and hand-crafted by us to enhance the lightness and momentum of the construction and guarantee your enjoyment of our ‘Made in Italy’ style A clever use of shading systems (anti-mould and anti-UV curtains and fabrics) can be used in the gazebos, the pavilion musique and pergolas to create comfortable areas during the summer. In the coverless version, they redesign and enhance spaces in gardens and large terraces. The roofs of the gazebos, pavilions and pergolas can be both fixed and removable, as can the simpler shading systems. L’Officina dei Giardini produces pavilions with retractable bellow curtains that can be opened and closed when necessary.

Introduce artistry to the original structure; windows, canopies, glass entrance cubicles


Designing an orangery means making the most of the potential offered by existing buildings: close in a porch, renovate a barn or stables, add a window, embellish a facade or an entrance with a glass entrance cubicle or canopy, build a topia or an orangery. A timely restoration project, insulated by l’Officina dei Giardini will bring to life new spaces full of new possibilities. An orangery can be the form best suited to complete existing construction work, and can be placed in a courtyard, in a garden or on a terrace. Roofs can be simple, square, transparent, closed (hot or ventilated) or with a skylight, decorated with gables, curved in multiple layers, covered with double interlocking systems (used to conserve monuments), and made of zinc, copper or other metals.The orangery can be coloured according to the RAL table. The windows that close the existing structures can be transparent, decorated, frosted, or alternatively choose stained glass or leadlight glass windows. Our specially developed ‘OdG Evolution’ thermal break, iron profiles combine high thermal performance with the pleasing aesthetics of profiles used in the construction of nineteenth century conservatories. Once completed, the construction will blend with the original building harmoniously, thus adding a new source of value.

L’Officina dei Giardini obtained in 2020 the certification in compliance with the European training framework EQF 4 by the competent body Certi.s, certifying the knowledge, skills and competences of the window installation system according to the UNI 11673-2 series.

Historic value in contemporary design; plant care, furniture and accessories


All the furniture, tables, chairs, armchairs, sofas, lights, pot holders, seedbeds made by l’Officina dei Giardini are contemporary handcrafted versions of models from the past. Also new products, such as our heater covers, are designed to fit in harmoniously with the construction
Our technical experts are always available to create special prototypes designed to meet your every need.
Refined artistic sensibility acquired over 20 years together with an extensive range of fabrics enable us to provide you with an infinite number of creative soft furnishing combinations.
L’Officina dei Giardini also creates a broad range of decorative indoor and outdoor curtains. They come in high-tech, flounced, retractable (automatic or manual roll-up/roll-down) versions, specially designed for conservatories, orangeries, gazebos, pavilions, pool houses, glass roofing for gyms, greenhouses, kiosks, glass entrance cubicles.
To complete the space l’Officina dei Giardini creates a number of stylish lighting systems: chandeliers, lamps, sconces, floor lamps and spotlights. L’Officina dei Giardini will furnish any outdoor space with highest quality ‘Made in Italy’ style.

Stained glass windows

Vitràge is L’Officina dei Giardini’s glass workshop. This is where precious stained glass windows are designed and created following ancient traditions and techniques. Producing an artistic stained glass window requires a combination of different techniques that must blend into a coherent and harmonious whole. The process includes sketching an outline of the design, selecting and cutting the best glass according to colour, firing the glass and joining the pieces using lead came before installing the final piece in the conservatory.
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The creations of L’Officina dei Giardini are located:

Belgium China France Kazakhistan Montecarlo Poland United States Switzerland Romania Albenga Alessandria Aosta Arezzo Biella Bogogno Bologna Breganzona Brescia Cantalupa Capri Carrara Caselle Castagneto Po Castellamonte Castelnuovo Don Bosco Cernusco Lombardone Col di Lazise Conegliano Veneto Cuneo Cuorgne’ Ferrara Forte dei Marmi Gargnano Gavi Genova Grosseto Lecco Lerici Mantova Milano Modena Monforte d’Alba Monte Argentario Murano Novara Padova Palermo Pecetto Porto Cervo Portofino Positano Pralormo Revello Rivoli Rocca Canavese Roma Roquebrune Sanremo Santa Margherita Ligure Savona Sinio Sorrento Torino Torri del Benaco Treviso Trofarello Varese Venaria Venezia Verona Vicenza Viterbo Voltaggio

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Guarantees and Certification

European after-sales Guarantee

The conservatories, orangeries, gazebos, pavilions, pool houses, glass roofs for gyms, climate-controlled greenhouses, pavilion de musique, glass entrance cubicles, kiosks, door frames, topia, canopies, trellis made ​​by l’Officina dei Giardini all comply with European legislation. The guarantee covers the cost of restoring the damaged construction to its original condition.

Ten-year test

L’Officina dei Giardini double-glazing is guaranteed for ten years and covers glass seals, metal and painted surfaces.

Upon request, we will also provide all necessary certifications regarding the construction work.
The biggest guarantee is that the quality is certified. ​

  • Certification by registered engineers (requirement for planning permission)
  • Energy certification drawn up by certified engineers (legal requirement)
  • Certified EC door and window frames (to obtain 55% tax, where applicable)
  • Certification of antioxidant treatment of metal, guaranteeing resistance to salt spray
  • Certification of origin of materials
  • Certification guaranteeing the absence of radionuclides
  • Certification of wood packaging used for export