Ticket office

Ticket office in iron and wood 1.70×1.94 m, maximum height 2.48 m

Dimensions: 1.70 m on the front 1.94 m deep Height: 2.15 m on the lower ground; 2.48m total. Crest: 15cm Shelf: 25cm
Colore: ODG Colour Collections AVIGNON
Roof glazing: 33.1 Wall glazing: 33.1
Aggregation to the building: No
Provenance: Saloni
Demountability: Yes
Quantities available: 1
Price to be discounted:€ 32.000+vat
Discounted price: € 18.000+vat
Notes: Ticket office in wood and iron resting on four legs. Convenient back door for entry. Practical double casement window on the front on an iron shelf. Inside a desk and a chest of drawers. Transport and assembly not included