Ville e Case Prefabbricate

ville e case prefabbricate

May 2008

Ideas craftsmen to live

Officina dei Giardini was born with the aim of designing and building conservatories capable of revisiting the architectural tradition of greenhouses, while responding to modern functional needs.
A structure capable of preserving at the same time a double productive soul: the artistic and creative skills of the ancient artisan traditions and the efficiency of a flexible and updated company structure. Years of research carried out on artifacts and period constructions, ancient correspondence and projects of realizations in iron and glass, from the sixteenth century to the first postwar period, have enriched the Officina de Giardini with an artistic and cultural heritage that relives every time in its buildings.

Since 1995 the Officina dei Giardini produces its valuable glass and metal artifacts thanks to the consolidated experience on materials and construction techniques of its artisans, and of designers, with an extensive knowledge of all the problems relating to the construction of greenhouses, guaranteeing the necessary knowledge to adopt the most appropriate style and proportions for each home in all circumstances.

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