Crafts of Art

mestieri d'arte

April 2012

Greenhouses of a “Thousand and one nights” at the Officina dei Giardini, a large warehouse in Turin where it seeks life among glass, iron bars, treìllage of wood and fabrics, gazebos and greenhouses of all shapes and sizes. Vittorio Cravanzola, a brilliant craftsman architect who manages to adapt the structures even to pre-existing buildings, designs them as if they were extensions of the same. The structures are not prefabricated, but built from time to time according to the needs of the clients, starting from the drawing and the miniature model, and then with forges, grinders and all the tools of the trade.
Greenhouses and gazebos can be finished with a wide range of accessories: from low-emission, reflective, safety, insulating glass, ceramic glass, to fabrics and decorations. Models ranges from reproductions of Victorian-era conservatories to ultra-modern structures designed by modern-day architects. To make every room warm and welcoming, Vittorio Cravanzola has also developed systems to screen the ceiling with sail fabrics and special supports for curtains. All with eco-sustainable systems.

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