Traveling with L’Officina dei Giardini: between Monferrato, Roero and Langhe

May 10, 2024

What transforms wine into a holiday? Two fundamental ingredients: a natural context so beautiful that it is a UNESCO heritage site and high-level accommodation facilities in terms of quality and comfort.

This unique combination is best achieved in Piedmont, in the territory of Langhe, Roero and Monferrato, a blessed land between the Po river and the Ligurian Apennines, divided between the provinces of Alessandria, Asti and Cuneo. A unique microcosm, made up of wine-growing landscapes and environments in which man and nature have always coexisted to the best of their ability.

L’Officina dei Giardini,over the decades, has contributed to the excellence of many local businesses, creating unique structures perfectly integrated into the context. So much so that today it is possible to design a fascinating tour between wineries, B&Bs, resorts and restaurants, from the hills of Asti to those of Cuneo, caressing the Alessandria area: in each one the creativity of L’Officina dei Giardini has created a bright room overlooking the UNESCO heritage .

After the weekend in Turin, here is our second itinerary proposal between Langhe, Roero and Monferrato!


Castelnuovo Don Bosco opens the doors of Basso Monferrato. Always a “land of saints and wines”, it offers cultural and natural treasures ranging from the Vezzolano Abbey to the naturalistic heritage of the Muscandia Woods. Here you will find Tenuta Tamburin, a winery, resort and location for events, founded in 1700 and still a jewel of historical and landscape interest. L’Officina dei Giardini created the winter garden dedicated to the breakfast room: placed next to the main building, it takes up the color of the shutters in the structure and in the curtains, harmonizing with the context.

To understand the beauty of Monferrato, it is best to cross it from one border to the other, and land in Gavi, province of Alessandria, to admire one of the most beautiful panoramic villages in the area and taste the excellent Gavi Docg, a straw-coloured wine with intense flavour. Villa Sparina Resort, full of charm and tranquility, welcomes you in the 18th century farmhouse complex with the 4-star Ostelliere hotel, the La Gallina restaurant and the Villa Sparina winery. L’Officina dei Giardini has created a winter garden which the structure uses as a private room for important intimate dinners and tastings.

We then move to Nizza Monferrato, the beating heart of Alto Monferrato, which thanks to its strategic position, can transform itself into a point from which to start discovering an area full of unforgettable places. Poderi Bricchi, for example, are the wonderful estate of the Scarpa company: a 25-hectare single vineyard between Castel Rocchero and Acqui Terme. The intervention by L’Officina dei Giardini took place on the occasion of the expansion of the main structure: the winter garden with gable was therefore immediately created as an integral part of the complex.


After crossing the Tanaro river you arrive among the vineyards and orchards of the Roero, characteristic for its Rocche: hills on which a castle has been built or a town has sprung up. La vispa ceresa, in Castellinaldo D’alba (CN) is an ancient family home transformed into a delightful Bed&Breakfast, where you can relax in a familiar yet charming atmosphere. Here L’Officina dei Giardini contributed to the new life of a stairwell: recovered and closed by windows and roofing, it was then carefully furnished and used as an extension of the B&B.


“Shield and key of Piedmont” due to its significant strategic position, Murazzano dominates the Langhe and is also famous for the production of the PDO cheese of the same name. La Casa Rosa, An independent house for all seasons is an independent house, attached to one of the most fascinating historic homes in the village: this is also a welcoming B&B for which L’Officina dei Giardini has created external and internal dividing windows and doors.

A few hills and many vineyards away, there is La Morra, an enchanting village guardian of great masterpieces: from the bell tower, to the colorful Brunate chapel, up to the giant benches placed among the vineyards. Dosio Vigneti is a wine cellar with reception space, rooms and restaurant. For them L’Officina dei Giardini took care of the windows and doors of the interior, of the access corridor and of the restaurant, closing the existing portico.