Celebrating 25 years of business excellence


September 2020

In 1995, Vittorio Cravanzola founded L’Officina dei Giardini in Turin with the idea of bringing the culture of conservatories to Italy, at the same time reinventing a tradition rooted in 17th century England. He began studying the characteristic details and decorations that give this sacred glass casket its magical qualities. The name “Conservatory” derives from its function: a place designed to conserve the rarest species of plants through the coldest winters. And indeed this garden is always in bloom. In this natural Garden of Eden you can enjoy terraces and gardens throughout the year regardless of the season and climate.

Vittorio Cravanzola’s passion for design combined with the technical expertise of the production department have led to the creation of some extraordinary living spaces, especially in Italy. In 19th century England a conservatory was more than just a greenhouse. It was a lounge where tea was served among the host’s prized collection of rare and exotic plants. L’Officina dei Giardini has extended this concept of the conservatory to include large bright kitchens, inspiring studios, cosy living rooms where you can entertain friends or business partners, starlit bedrooms, dressing rooms or a pool house where you can feel the winter sun caress your body as you swim. More modern interpretations of the traditional conservatory reveal its unique potential in terms of form, dimension and features, whose limitless combinations reflect the inhabitant’s personality. L’Officina dei Giardini produces tailor-made winter gardens to suit every customer. Whether designed for a terrace, a garden

a home extension, a covered hall between different wings of the same building or to complement the aesthetic harmony of an historic building they will always amaze. In its 2000m² Turin headquarters, L’Officina dei Giardini designs and produces the highest quality conservatories, orangeries, windows, gazebos, pavilions, pool houses, bioclimatic greenhouses, shelters, canopies, trellises as well as a wide range of furnishings for top quality winter gardens. These fully functional structures, crafted to the highest standards are produced using the latest innovative design and construction techniques, which add to the charm of bygone architecture and the soft and gentle curves and architectural features that distinguish them. Continual research into pioneering construction technologies and innovative construction techniques has enabled our R&D department to achieve some remarkable results. Our unique insulated steel profiles enable us to produce light and elegant, high performance structures. Our certified structures are designed to have a low environmental impact, guaranteeing at the same time long-lasting, safe and healthy living spaces. Our bright, iron and glass architectural structures create an ideal sense of well-being, which is characteristic of all L’Officina dei Giardini’s architecture.